Building Cleaning & Maintenance

NJC uses a range of access methods to facilitate building cleaning and maintenance.

Modern building design has presented a number of operational challenges for property and facilities management professionals, with building cleaning and maintenance considerations often overlooked at the design stage. Building exteriors, cladding, high ceilings and atria can all present challenges which require a variety of access techniques. We ensure that those areas above safe working heights, hard to reach areas and complex spaces, receive a planned intervention at agreed frequencies, enhancing aesthetic impact and maximising life expectancies.

NJC is experienced at providing building cleaning services, and uses similar methods to window cleaning systems.

Our Building Cleaning services include:

  • External building cleaning – using processes appropriate to the substrate, condition and type of building
  • Cladding cleaning
  • Internal steel cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Organic growth and vegetation removal
  • Avian pest dropping removal and disposal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Final builders clean

Our Building Maintenance services include:

  • Rainwater system maintenance, including periodic cleaning
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of avian deterrent systems
  • Atrium maintenance
  • Localised concrete repairs and repointing
  • Cladding maintenance and repairs
  • Signage cleaning, maintenance and repair

NJC also provides building inspection services, where rope access techniques are particularly useful in ensuring work is carried out efficiently and effectively, with minimum building user intrusion. Due to the ease of set up, it is usually possible to de-rig the access system at the end of a shift, removing the security issues associated with a scaffold. The inspection will be tailored to fit the customer's needs and a typical report will highlight defects with photographic evidence and the results of any testing carried out.

Inspection capabilities include:

  • Safety surveys, including the removal of dangerous masonry
  • End of defects inspections, including cavity ties and panel fixings via boroscope
  • Concrete coring
  • Sample collection for testing by UKAS accredited laboratories
  • Internal inspection of culverts

Building Cleaning - NJC

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