Building Cleaning & Maintenance

NJC provides a wide range of specialist building cleaning and maintenance services.

Modern building design has presented a number of operational challenges for property and facilities management professionals, with building cleaning and maintenance considerations often overlooked at the design stage. Building exteriors, cladding, high ceilings, atria and internal steel can all present challenges which require a variety of cleaning methods access techniques.

First impressions always count and the exterior of your building influences a visitor’s opinion, even before they set foot inside. The processes required to clean, restore, enhance and protect the elements of your building will depend on the substrates, the dirt or contamination to be removed and the structure. Specialist cleaning equipment and processes are often required and our services include:

High level building cleaning and ceiling cleaning

We ensure that those areas above safe working heights, hard to reach areas and complex spaces, receive a planned intervention at agreed frequencies, enhancing aesthetic impact and maximising life expectancies. Specialist expertise and training is required, together with access equipment and techniques that ensure that all processes are carried out with safety at the forefront.

Organic growth removal

Organic growth can also cause large areas of green growth, containing algae and moss, which can make a building appear dirty and even cause damage. Specialist equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals are combined with building cleaning methods including cold pressure washing, hot pressure washing and steam cleaning, to remove all traces of discolouration and organic growth.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a common problem and can have a negative impact on your business. Graffiti can vary in styles and come in many forms such as paints, markers and adhesive labels, all of which are difficult to remove with normal cleaning products. Our effective graffiti removal solution will ensure that all traces are removed, without harming delicate surfaces or leaving marks or shadowing, whilst causing minimal disruption to the operation of your building.

Guano Bird Dropping Removal

Bird droppings are very acidic and can lead to corrosion, damaging building surfaces. They can also get into, and then clog, ventilation systems, leading to bad odours and contaminants being spread around the building, posing a health risk to employees. NJC’s specialist technicians are fully trained in the removal of bird droppings and the cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas.

Sparkle Cleans

Building work such as new builds, renovations and repairs can generate large amounts of dust and debris. NJC offers an After Builders Cleaning service to eliminate this dirt and debris both internally and externally, to ensure the building is clean and ready for use. Our Sparkle Cleans provide an in depth final clean, before project handover, and ensure that walls, floors, fixtures and fittings are all in 5 star condition.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

NJC’s end of tenancy and void building cleaning services restore your property back to a clean and presentable condition, ensuring it is ready for new tenants or owners.

NJC’s Building Maintenance services include:

  • Gutter and rainwater system maintenance, including periodic cleaning
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of avian deterrent systems
  • Atrium maintenance
  • Localised concrete repairs and repointing
  • Cladding maintenance and repairs
  • Signage cleaning, maintenance and repair.

NJC also provides building inspection services, where rope access techniques are particularly useful in ensuring work is carried out efficiently and effectively, with minimum building user intrusion. Due to the ease of set up, it is usually possible to de-rig the access system at the end of a shift, removing the security issues associated with a scaffold. The inspection will be tailored to fit the customer's needs and a typical report will highlight defects with photographic evidence and the results of any testing carried out.

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