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Ceiling tiles have aesthetic and light enhancement properties which diminish over time if they are not professionally cleaned.

Airborne dust and dirt collects on ceilings, particularly in the proximity of air conditioning grilles and vents, and may fall near employees and be inhaled. Regular cleaning will maintain the original design intent and support employee health and wellbeing.

NJC Specialist Services has expertise in office ceiling tile cleaning and we are confident that we can meet all of your requirements. We offer our clients an unparalleled level of service, provided in an atmosphere of professionalism and reliability.

This cleaning service is carried out by highly experienced and qualified technicians who are PASMA, IPAF and Electronic Access Equipment trained. The process is non-intrusive, as it is normally carried out over weekends, and a member of the management team is present throughout each project. Full risk assessments are carried out and valuable hardware and assets are carefully protected. Sophisticated yet versatile equipment is erected to protect all office furniture, and careful attention is paid to sensitive desktop equipment.

Our operatives carry out the cleaning projects at an arm’s length, using methods and materials which guarantee an impeccable, seamless finish to washable ceiling tiles. The ceiling tiles are first vacuumed to remove dust and dirt, and then wiped clean, along with the exposed grid. The ceiling is finally buffed with a clean cloth.

NJC’s service encompasses light fittings and diffuser systems, as well as ceiling ventilation systems. Over time, dust and mildew contaminate office ventilation outlets and as a Health and Safety precaution we recommend periodic cleaning.

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