Coronavirus Cleaning

The Covid pandemic has resulted in specific requirements for enhanced cleaning and targeted disinfection.

The NJC Specialist Cleaning team is providing a full range of services to ensure the safety and hygiene of commercial buildings for our customers, their employees and visitors.

Disinfection/ Sanitisation Coronavirus Cleaning

Coronavirus Cleaning NJC

Level 1. High Touch Point Clean. This will reduce the risk of the transfer of viruses and bacteria by regularly sanitising and disinfecting frequently touched areas, including security barriers, hand rails, door handles, lift buttons, light switches and washrooms. The service is completed as part of the daily cleaning regime and can be carried out when buildings are occupied.

Level 2. Enhanced Sanitisation Clean. Enhanced coronavirus cleaning measures sanitise and disinfect high frequency/high touch areas and a light disinfectant spray is applied to walls, doors, washrooms and heavy traffic areas. This is a precautionary measure to help prevent illness and kill viruses and bacteria. It is best completed when the workplace is vacant for up to 3 hours.

Level 3. Disinfection. Our COVID-19 disinfection clean includes a physical clean and a disinfecting electrostatic spray. Electrostatic spraying brings liquid and air lines together at a nozzle, where the disinfectant is atomised into uniform, charged droplets, which are carried in the airstream towards the spray target. The tiny disinfectant droplets settle on surfaces and coalesce to form a continuous film. This technique allows the disinfectant to get to all areas, including those that are hard to reach, ensuring everywhere is treated. It is best completed when the premises are vacant for up to 6 hours.

Our experienced, fully trained technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialist disinfection equipment to carry out our specialist cleaning and disinfection service options safely and effectively.

After Coronavirus Cleaning

When the current lockdown period ends, businesses will want to become operational as quickly and as safely as is possible, so it is important to be prepared. NJC can provide a full range of cleaning services to support re-mobilisation, including full disinfection, high touch point cleans and sparkle cleans to welcome employees back.

During the re-mobilisation phase, we can support your security and M&E providers, who will be increasing their teams to normal complement and reactivating building systems such as air conditioning systems and lifts, which may have decommissioned as a precautionary measure or to save energy. This may include additional cleaning of welfare areas as well as cleaning lifts, and other high profile assets, ahead of re-occupation.

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