Commercial Floor Cleaning

NJC has extensive capability in commercial floor cleaning and maintenance of all hard floor surfaces.

Our specialist cleaning experience is based upon detailed knowledge of all surface cleaning processes, equipment and floor cleaning products, which are sourced locally and internationally.  NJC's approach fully underpins all manufacturers' warranties and covenants.  We offer services from renovation/restoration to regular maintenance programs, for hard floor surfaces from linoleum to all types of stone and wood, using the latest equipment. We can also manage the transition from construction into operation.

Along with regular commercial floor cleaning of hard floors, our expert, fully trained operatives are proficient in the periodic maintenance of all types of surfaces. We maintain natural stone floors made of materials such as marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and slate.  Hard floors may be of terrazzo, porcelain, Victorian tiles, ceramic tiles or terracotta quarry tiles. We use the Pendulum Slip Test to assess the slip risk on floors and reduce the chance of slips, trips and falls, which are the largest cause of workplace injury. The pendulum is designed to mimic the interaction between a person’s heel and a floor, which is the most common point at which a slip occurs

No matter what surface we are dealing with, we source the chemicals and machinery required and have the expertise to deliver cost effective, excellent results every time. 

Diamond Cutting

Using state of the art technology, along with our expert techniques, we are able to remove surface scratches from stone flooring, restoring the surface to a new appearance.


The process of vitrification is the application of a compound of acid salts and minerals to the floor surface through friction pressure, resulting in a totally sealed floor which resists soiling and is also slip retardant. Vitrification gives a long lasting shine and creates a hard surface, which reduces maintenance to a minimum and increases the lifetime of the floor.


Sealing the floor will slow down the absorption of spillages into the stone surface, making it easier to clean and protecting it from damage.

Stain Removal

We have a specialist commercial floor cleaning process that will remove even the deepest stains.


Our resin system enables us to repair minor cracks, chips and holes.

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