Front of House Services

Front of house services are a key part of the visitor experience.

However, at NJC we recognise that the visitor experience commences well before entering the building and we are committed to providing a positive experience on the immediate journey to our customer’s buildings, through vigilant external cleaning and maintenance. This continues with the welcome by our professional, hospitable, knowledgeable and friendly front of house employees.

The critical impact the cleaning standards have on first impressions, and continuted positive perception of organisations, is equally reflected in the manner in which visitors, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders are greeted and supported as they encounter front of house services.

Invariably the first opportunity to impress visitors, or maintain a positive experience for those stakeholders who return frequently, is to ensure our front of house teams look, behave and operate with the highest professional standards on our customers' behalf.

Supported by recognised industry professionals and an academy driven training programme, NJC employees are committed to upholding the integrity of our customer’s service standards by delivering front of house services with enthusiasm, passion, professionalism, courtesy and care.

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