after building & sparkle cleans

Building work generates a lot of dust, dirt, and debris. Our “after builders” cleaning service removes all of this internally and externally, ensuring a building is clean and ready for use. Meanwhile, our “sparkle cleans” provide a thorough, final deep clean before project handover.

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getting rid of the mess and looking its best

Any building that’s undergoing, or recently undergone, any construction, renovation or refurbishment work will be full of dust, dirt and debris – some of which could be harmful to health.

This material is too much for a routine cleaning service to cope with, but often needs to be removed halfway through a project as well as at the end. This is where our expert “after builders” cleaning teams step in using various specialist equipment, tools and cleaning products to ensure a high quality finish.

We can supplement our after builders clean with a “sparkle clean”. This specialist service provides a thorough and final deep clean to ensure a building looks sparkling and spotless, to the point you’d never know builders had ever been there. Sparkle cleans cover flawless cleaning of all walls, floors, fixtures and fittings and are ideally carried out just before handing over a building to end-users.

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