kitchen & catering equipment

Few environments are subject to as much hygiene legislation or scrutiny as commercial kitchens. And rightly so. Our specialist commercial kitchen cleaning offers deep and thorough cleaning services for all kitchen floors, walls, surfaces and catering equipment. 

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kitchen consequential 

Over time, grease and carbon deposits can build up increasing risk of cross-contamination, but also fire. So scheduling regular professional kitchen and catering equipment cleaning will support your Food Standards Agency rating and meet health and safety requirements such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005.  

Our deep cleaning service tackles all accessible areas in your kitchen and ensures a consistently high standard of cleanliness to cut the risk of contamination, improve working conditions, reduce complaints and maintain compliance with Environmental Health legislation. 

Grease trap cleaning 

Grease traps are a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen and require regular cleaning to remain effective and stop unpleasant odours. Classified as “controlled waste”, operators need to show Environmental Health that traps are regularly cleaned and waste disposed of correctly. That’s why we provide compliant grease trap cleaning, as well as maintenance and disposal logs. 

Kitchen ventilation cleaning 

Due to fire risk, regular kitchen deep cleaning is also required to remove fats, grease and carbon particles, which accumulate in kitchen ventilation systems. We provide scheduled inspections and cleaning, tailored to your needs to ensure compliance with building insurance cover and regulations. 

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