Waste Management Reporting

Waste management reporting is vital to meet evolving targets.

NJC places significant importance on the collection and curation of data that underpins commercial waste management, delivers good decision making and provides meaningful, useful customer reports. Information is particularly important where contamination has reduced recycling volumes, or where innovations in recycling technology or processes offer new opportunities.

We have developed a waste management portal from which all curated material is collated and disseminated to agreed recipients, against agreed service levels.

It is vital that the individual stream volumes; the waste collection and treatment gross volumes and the invoiced volumes, are all predicated upon the same source data. We have striven to achieve waste management reporting standards that meet or exceed all current and impending Corporate Social Responsibility reporting criteria.

However, we wish to go further and we are using data sources to minimise waste charges and maximise recycling and reuse, whilst also maximising commodity income, which is vital in reducing costs.

Waste management reporting is one of our commercial waste services which forms part of an overall waste strategy.

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